Dec 19, 2015

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Smelly Pussy Expansion

Sorry the site’s a little broken right now; I’m working on adding new features here at stories, galleries, videos … and more posts in general!

Unrolling it is on hold right now while I learn the nifty plugin. Not sure if it’s the membership plugin or just a coincidence that broke the category and tag pages, but I have to figure that out and fix it. Then I need to deal with our payment processor’s objections to my “celebrity content” (it’s been years now and they still don’t grasp the concept of blogging or formatting a site with adult content any differently than the boring industry standard of a porn site) and tiny mentions of pee (like popcorn and pee, which isn’t even pornographic at all).

It may be awhile before I can get all of that straightened out and queue up a(n) (in)decent amount of smelly pussy posts and stories, but there will be PLENTY of stuff still accessible for free, for registered (free) guests, by inexpensive trial, BY INDIVIDUAL POST (so you can pay just for a single video, story, audio file, or picture gallery), or by membership!

You can become a FREE member right now!


Darn. Registration is one of the things that’s broken right now. I have much to learn!

Anyhoo, once it’s working you’ll be able to register for free, then upgrade or buy individual posts and have all of your content organized in one place. 🙂

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