Dec 26, 2014

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Smelly in _Sharp Objects_

From a recent book, Sharp Objects (by the same author of Gone Girl), I read for pleasure, this was after the reporter did a naughty thing and fucked a pretty vulnerable younger man in a cheap motel room:

Woke up sticky and peevish. Bought a toothbrush kit at the FaStop, along with the strongest smelling lotion and hairspray I could find. I brushed my teeth in a gas-station sink, then rubbed the lotion into my armpits and between my legs, sprayed my hair stiff. The resulting smell was sweat and sex under a billowing cloud of strawberry and aloe.

Mmmmm . . . fake strawberries and spunk!!

I hope she didn’t put the lotion on her actual box, though, and just smeared it on her thighs. Otherwise . . . uncomfortable.

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