Oct 5, 2014

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Hot Musk You Can TASTE!

I’m in love with Nick Offerman’s over-the-top celebration of having thick full odor-retaining pubes:

Nick Offerman on Full Bush on Conan

::Watch the video & get the highlights on Esquire::

Yessssssss! I know it’s supposed to be funny but I take it pretty seriously. Though I like it when people are shaved or trimmed when they want to be, you know I *love* hair: facial hair, body hair, pubic hair, armpit hair . . . I love it!

“The lower pudenda region is Mother Nature’s billboard. It should say, ‘Ready to Fuck.’ Not only should you not be trimming and shaving, you should be maintaining a swampy atmosphere that’s just shy of growing fungus. This is where life is born. You should be giving off a hot musk that you can almost taste.

I totally have a crush on this guy now and may finally watch Parks and Rec just because he’s in it.

His voice is hot, his face is beautiful and expressive, he’s funny, and he’s married to Megan Mullally who made Will and Grace worth watching the few times I accidentally turned it on and always wished the whole show was about her.

grizzly bearded Nick Offerman

So. HOT!!!

What a fucking hairy human dreamboat.

Rubbing my fingers through my own thicket, smelling my own hot musk and imagining being all tangled up in grizzled furry yummy-smelling man.

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Sep 28, 2013

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Work It (Funny Video/Song)

Thanks to my friend Mia for the heads up on another hilarious Ylvis video, this one perfect for featuring on My Smelly Pussy:

Your vagina is a self-cleansing muscular tract
with over 50,000 nerve cells ready to act
You gotta work it . . . (we’re not talking ’bout a traditional employment situation)

Ahhhhh . . . I love it.

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