May 7, 2014

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Pussy Man Face

I just lowered my face into the crotch of my panties while I was peeing and the first smell to hit me was a faint nostalgic touch of spicy men’s cologne . . . and then the musky furry hot smell of my snatch.

I don’t know where the cologne smell came from (no men or people wearing men’s cologne or any perfume has even been anywhere NEAR these panties) and I don’t even really like getting my pussy eaten that much, but oh my sweet fucklord . . . it brought me back to being in my twenties. And even my late teens.


I want some new dick so fucking bad. New TEMPORARY dick. FLEETING dick. A man like a jungle-gym to climb on with a thick hard pole to ride.

Hair on his FACE. Hair on his CHEST. Hair on his THIGHS.

And I want all of that hair to smell like a man who got a little pretty for me and then got a little sweaty with me and then all of his FACE CHEST CROTCH hair got infused with the bass note of my spicy animal cunt honey smell. Right now I just want that six-and-a-half-feet of man steeped in a spontaneous “sleep”-over with my pussy, and to bury my nose in soft brown man-body-hair. That smells like what I just smelled in my panties.

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