Aug 11, 2013

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Summer Body Smell

It’s been an abnormally hot, dry summer here in the Puget Sound region.

DRY. Not like a dry desert heat – we’ve still got moisture in the air – but no measurable rainfall FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF JULY which is very unusual for the Seattle area. I’ve spent every single Fourth of July of my life in Western Washington, and my memory is of most of them being drizzly or at least overcast.

My body is ripe with this summer. Not grossly funky or heatstroke-sick, but definitely carrying the kind of heat for days and weeks on end that warms up every aroma of sweat, of sugar, of sock . . . of pussy . . . of body hair. Especially the body hair between my legs. My clothes are infused with it.

Today my body smells like spunk and pussy smeared around in my bush and soft thighs, and warm, dense, doughy bread.

I’m wearing one of my favorite flimsy white cotton nightgowns. It looks modest, but it smells like sex.

Actually, NO BUTS ABOUT IT. My nightie looks modest . . . and, fittingly, it smells like sex. Because that’s what soft mommy-types in short flimsy nightgowns smell like . . . like soft summer fucking. Or hard, damp, frantic fucking! That’s what you like to think, anyway. But of course in this case I’m not really a mom. I just like wearing these kinds of pretty nightgowns. And fucking . . . 😉

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