My name is Trixie.

This is just one of my sites (I have a bunch more – most of them are NOT work safe).

my smelly pussy blog author

I’m Trixie, your “My Smelly Pussy” blog author!

I started this blog out over on cunnophile.com and am just now upgrading it and hope to post here more often. Some of the posts will probably just be tweets I brought over from my twitter account where I do sometimes log what my pussy smells like (and lots of other stuff, too).

This is NOT a politically-correct blog. Its target audience is people — mostly men — who are easily sexually aroused by the hot smell of pussy and/or panties, the way a cunt looks, hairy/unshaved women, upskirts and panty shots, and even guys who like the sweaty scent of an asshole.

MySmellyPussy.com is intended to excite people by focusing in an fetishistic way on hot yummy pussy and panties while also being honest (while possibly exaggerating) and informative (but education is NOT my primary goal here – MSP is for laser-focused erotic entertainment for folks with a taste for this sort of thing).

If you are not easily stimulated by such topics, the presentation may be over-the-top and obnoxious to you. But if you like to hear me talking about my hairy, smelly pussy or if you wish you were up under me sniffing around at my panties and cunt or just listening to me talk to you about it or want to see pictures and videos of my pussy, then this site is a great place to start!

between Trixie's legs

My pussy smells DELICIOUS! Not every single day, but on days like this . . . YUM!

  1. 29 March
    Interesting subject matter………….
    As a man pushing 60, I’ve been around the block a few times. I must admit that I am a “dyed-in-the-wool” cunnophile.
    I had my first sexual experience when I was 17. My first attempt at going down. I was hooked then.
    Based on my experiences, I think women appreciate a man who voluntarily and spontaneously goes down and stays there a while.
    Over the course of my life, I have had sex with 35 women, and tongued them all. Never had a bad one, if the concept of “bad” can be applied to the scent.

    I don’t like freshly bathed either. Don’t want a woman to smell like soap.

    It is heady, intoxicating and the most arousing thing there is. I don’t much care for receiving, as much as I do giving. That may seem weird, but I get a complete rush from the sight, smell and taste of pussy. Big lips and big clits are always a bonus.

  2. Hi Kinky pussy girl,
    we loved to read about your ever so lucious smelling cunt…..
    we are a big fan…. Jen likes Nasty and is a bit shy… But really loves when I read to her… her pussy gets wet and she wants attention I can tell…. Cause she is facinated as i read on…. then she will put her fingers in her sweet smelling pussy and she says what do I smell like brent?…
    I just get real hard and sniff those horny pussy playing fingers and push her down on the bed as she Is fingering her sexy crack she plunged two fingers into her sweet tight ass….. MMMMMM My cock is super hard now as i watch this sexy horny sight in
    front of me… I start to jack my monster Meat… OMG that feels so good YEA!!!
    she is now with her fingers all the way in her tiny lil ass looks so fukin hottt i CANT STOP JACKING MY THROBBIN COCK….
    I move to her side and stick my swollen Dick in her face…. she licks at the throbbing head and eventually gets it in her Hot Wet Mouth…… I will have to write the rest later as i am so horny I need to fuck and I cant type at the same time…. LOL… Lmao
    …. ( To Be Cont.)

  3. Well a women enjoys when a man goes down on them right off the bat. I went down on my first pussy when I was 14yrs old and I enjoyed it ever since.

    A women can give off a scent that can drive you wild when you are on it that a plain fact. Not all women are the same but let me tell you you will enjoy them to no end.

    In return if you do right by them they will do the same to you and they can and will put you in outter space you will see stars so remember the women has the power to controll you with what she puts out when you are down on her.

  4. I’d Love to Sniff your Panties & Pussy all day! And have you talk about it too! Wow! You are One of a Kind! All Women should be like you. Real & Honest! You don’t even see it in Romance or Porn Movies. I find this Very Bizarre. God Created Pussy Scent for Man to get Turned On & Reproduce! Somewhere along the line it has become Taboo for some Weird Reason. Crazy Human Race anyways – World Wars,etc. Sniffing Pussy could change the world for the better. It’s a Far Better Course than the one we are on!

  5. hi you have the most very sexyest pussy mmmm you drive me crazy

  6. I love a little hair on a pussy yours is just right

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