Oct 7, 2005

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Scroll down to the announcements underneath Matisse’s column ton one titled ‘OKTOBERFEST’:

In Toi Sennhauser’s performance piece, audience members are invited to drink beer brewed with a trace amount of the artist’s own vaginal yeast.

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at the mention of vaginal yeast (because usually there’s nothing funny about it). Nice. Is it a joke? I’m tempted to go just to find out.

***** DEC. 1ST 2010: EDITED TO ADD: I recently googled the artist’s name and arrived at her site to discover photos and descriptions of her art which is just AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME to the point of bringing me to tears.

I’m trying to figure out what made me laugh upon reading the advertisement for the vag yeast beer, and I’m guessing just sheer delight at the subversiveness of it.

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