Jul 29, 2011

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I Could Do This ALL DAY!

Today’s one of those days where I could sit around rubbing my fingers in my sticky bush and smelling them ALL DAY. I love my hot, unwashed, summer-heated pussy smell!

I’ve got WAY too much to do, though, to devote much time to lazy cunt-rubbing & sniffing today. For one thing I really need to get some exercise so I’m going to take a long, brisk walk in the woods. We’re also in the process of moving, so after that I’m going to get even MORE sweaty packing boxes, cleaning, etc.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I need to take a break to masturbate, too, and smell my hot hand some more.

Only after all of that will I take a shower . . . but my cunt is going to smell SO HOT until then!!

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  1. would Love to have yer 2 day long panties . . .

  2. I would Love it if you Shared your Pussy Scented Fingers with me All Day & Every Day. I wouldn’t really call it a Hobby but at the same time it could turn into a Hobby. A Very Interesting & possibly Addictive One! It’s Bizarre & Unusual we don’t see this happening in Romance or Porn Movies. I Wonder Why? It could Help relationships – More Intimacy & Closeness. In a nutshell,It could Change The World for the Better!

  3. Wifes Sweaty Smelly Pussy says:

    Beautiful reading this and thinking how much I enjoy it when my wife does the same. I encourage her to not wash, she has a very hairy pussy and the thought of how great her pussy smells after she’s sweated and pissed and rubbed her lips and clit all day drives me insane. Really nice seeing ladies like yourself taking it further into who they are naturally and how those who love them (male or female)truly appreciate these enticing, wonderful and pungent odors that beautiful hairy pussies emit. I find my wife’s secretions and taste very invigorating and energizing.
    thanks for sharing!

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