Jun 9, 2014

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Smells Like I Already Came?!?

Have I become a spunk maven or what is going on?!?

So I was in bed for the first time with a young man nearly twenty years my junior with his thick cock stretching out his SpongeBob Squarepants boxer shorts and yeah . . . pretty aroused, when he said “mmmmm, it smells like YOU already had an orgasm . . . ”

WTF?!? I don’t think I smell any different after I have an orgasm than before. And I hadn’t already came. Not within the past couple of hours anyway, though I *was* super horny all day and had been masturbating to this video I made with a different new guy the night before.

Maybe he was smelling residual cum from the two bastings I got the night prior?

Do you believe that the smell of a woman is DISTINCTLY different after she climaxes than it was prior to orgasm?

I really don’t think so. Especially since I had *not* recently had an orgasm (it had been at least two hours I think). I think he smelled pussy and for whatever reason he associates a detectable pussy scent as the scent of a woman who’s having a bunch of orgasms or something. Or I think maybe he was trying to say that I smell like an extra-horny slut.

On the site where I met him he has a number of smelly-pussy things listed as “fetishes”, including such gems as:

  • “i know i make you wet. i can smell it.”
  • i can smell your wetness already


So that is kind of hot and all, but I do think people are confused about what exactly they’re smelling and why and where it came from.

Hearing this so soon after this remark (the first I’ve ever gotten like that) I wonder if this is some kind of newish (or has a certain segment of the population always done this?) imagined or exaggerated thing with dudes. I’m probably not articulating this properly, but these observations seem outsized. I’m pretty sure my cunt hasn’t become an industrial-strength cum-nebulizer in the past year or changed in a significant chemical way. Are they imagining that as an older woman I have a smellier pussy? I’m not saying it always smells like a dainty flower or even pleasant all of the time, but that’s how most vulvas operate and I’m relatively certain my twat still has normal good and bad days, and that the days and times I was with these guys weren’t particularly strong or offensive (not that they said it was offensive . . . I mean, they seemed pretty into it).

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  1. Scentismyweakness says:

    The natural scent of a woman or a warm fresh pair of panties is enough to cripple a man in his tracks… I’m not talking about a faint smell or a product induced smell. I am referring to the potent musty aroma of a ripe pussy that’s been trapped, sweating under multiple layers of fabric just begging to be released from captivity!!! The kind of smell a real man can’t resist, the kind of smell that he just has to bury his face into, and have a damn good reason to feel like he did something dirty afterwards… I don’t think they have a different smell after orgasm but I have noticed that some of them may taste different after orgasm. Referring to the comment “I know I make you wet, I can smell it.” I believe that this may be possible, I have one friend that has an incredible smell (a wif at the right time has made me loose all train of thought in mid conversation more than once) and I have noticed that when I can smell her scent before she takes her clothes off, during dinner or in the car I always end up getting laid. That is an interesting idea at the very least… I really wish there were more study’s published or literature about a woman’s scent…

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