Dec 11, 2010

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Coconut Lotion & White Panties

Coconut Lotion & White Panties

Tweeted yesterday:

Mmmm . . . new bottle of Mountain Ocean Coconut Skin Trip lotion smells SO good. As does the front part of the inside of my panties.

I was wearing an old pair of white string bikini underwear made out of a ribbed, silky (synthetic blend) fabric with a cotton crotch (note: the panties in the thumbnail picture are a totally different pair – I don’t think I’ve shot any pictures in these panties).

It’s been a long time since we had this lotion at our house, but is a favorite we used in the past for many years so it’s very evocative especially cracking open a new bottle and spilling out way too much of its milky whiteness right away. It doesn’t smell like summertime suntan oil or lotion – it’s a little more foody, like vanilla, and lighter than most tropic-themed scents.

It smells and looks and feels fresh and wet and makes you want to lick things, so with that rubbed into my hands and then bowing my head to sniff my panty-crotch it was a perfect combination. My cunt provided the musky bottom note while the lotion provided the rich middle and top notes.

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  1. I’d Love to Sniff your Panty Crotch. Hmm.. Yummy!… You’re the Best! Dream Lady! It would be my Dream for you to share your Pussy Scent with me Day after Day after Day after Day…What a Dream & Fantasy! WOW!

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